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Audi compensation could be owed to millions of people due to the VW emissions scandal.

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Did you know?

1 in 10 UK diesel vehicles are affected by the VW emissions scandal

Audi Compensation

Audi compensation could be owed to millions of people worldwide due to the VW emissions scandal. Volkswagen have announced that almost 1.2million cars in the United Kingdom are affected by the problems that have shaken the motor industry to its core. That actually equates to 1 in 10 UK diesel vehicles being affected. This figure includes 393,450 diesel Audis.

In terms of how many cars are affected, the UK is second only to Germany.

Which models are affected?

The Audi models affected include the A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3 and Q5. The cheat software was installed in models produced between 2009 - 2015

What did Volkswagen do wrong?

Audi recall VW Group was caught by US authorities contravening vehicle emissions rules. VW was found to have installed 'defeat devices’ in certain diesel vehicles that were designed to fool the emissions tests. VW did this to make the Diesel Audis and VWs tested appear environmentally cleaner than they actually were.

Audis with the banned software knew when they were being tested and altered the car's natural behaviour when it was being tested to reduce emissions output. However, when the cars were being used by real people, day-to-day, their emissions were in fact far higher than under test conditions. For more information on the effect of these emissions, visit our environmental impact page.

What next for Audi drivers affected in the UK?

The transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, has clarified that 'VW are contacting all UK customers affected'. VW will get in touch with affected vehicle owners to arrange having the rogue software removed from their Audi. Audi have been quick to reassure customers that the cars are safe and 'roadworthy’.

Volkswagen is to begin the vehicle recall in January, the new Chief Executive of the company has announced. Matthias Mueller said he intended for all of the affected cars to be repaired by the end of 2016.

Will VW Compensation be paid?

Class legal action against Volkswagen Group has already begun in the United States, and the UK looks set to follow suit. Several top law firms have said they are investigating legal claims on behalf of hundreds of vehicle owners and companies that own Audi fleet vehicles. We are working with top-tier law firms and are at the forefront of the battle to secure Audi compensation.

A few of the key reasons we believe Audi Compensation will almost certainly be paid are as follows:

  • 'Morally-misled': Many Audi owners purchased their 'clean diesel' Audis as they wanted to be more environmentally responsible than if they were to drive a more polluting car. The fact that VW cheated emissions tests, and proudly presented the fraudulent results to help sell their vehicles means these buyers have been misled. In fact, these Audi drivers have unintentionally contributed a far greater amount of toxic NOx emissions than they may have been morally comfortable with. This represents a clear breach of trust.

    VW Emissions

  • Resale values: The extent to which the VW emissions scandal will effect used Audi prices is not clear, although some estimates have pointed to a 2% drop in September alone (compared to 0.2% in August). Whatever the extent, there will clearly be some negative impact, so in this respect Audi drivers have bought cars that may be worth less at this point in time than they anticipated when they bought their car.
  • Effects of the recall: Whilst VW are clearly trying to help owners by removing the cheat devices from affected vehicles, these changes could well have a negative impact on the cars performance. Some of the methods by which Audis reduce harmful emissions may also increase regular fuel consumption, in turn lowering the car's MPG performance. Again, the new MPG/performance data of the Audis after the recall will not be the same data consumers were privy to when they purchased.

Essentially, legally-speaking, it boils down to a breach of contract. Audi owners have purchased their vehicles on the basis of misrepresentations relating to emissions. And due to this they may well be left partly out of pocket. That is the basis for Audi compensation in the UK.

Figures of around £2000 per vehicle have been mooted, although this has not been confirmed yet, and could be slightly lower or higher in the end.

Will I Be eligible for Audi Compensation?

To be 100% sure of your potential claim, please check your V5C documents and service booklets, to find out if you have the affected Type EA189 engine. Alternatively, you can call VW Customer Care free in the UK on 0800 0833 914 to confirm your engine type.

If your diesel Audi has a Type EA189 engine, you could be entitled to compensation.

Furthermore, if you are a VW Group Shareholder you may be entitled to compensation too, please email us for more information on this.

Please note that whilst there are legal proceedings afoot, we can not guarantee your eligibility for compensation at this point. Please keep checking this site for the latest Audi Recall and Audi compensation news.