Audi Emissions Compensation

Billions of pounds have now been set aside to cover the cost of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. If you believe you are one of the 393,450 Audi drivers in the UK who are affected then fill in the form on our homepage to make sure you're first in line for compensation.

Audi's parent company; Volkswagen, have designated £4.7 billion to cover the costs of the scandal, with experts now suggesting that car owners could be set for around £3000 in compensation.

New UK Legislation

A new law allows British courts to hear US-style class actions, which allow one or more people to sue on behalf of a larger group. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 will make it far easier for consumers to seek compensation, with consumer groups saying that it is a huge step forward for people wanting to claim Audi emissions compensation.

Class-action law suits have now been filed in the United States (US) and Australia, and it's the general consensus that it's only a matter of time before compensation will be made available to affected Audi customers in the UK.

If you own, rent or lease an Audi vehicle with the EA189 engine then you may be entitled to claim.

Car Value Depreciation

A leading compensation lawyer, Michael Jefferies, supported owner's claims by saying: "The key issue facing drivers that have been affected by the scandal is the loss of value to the vehicles. As well as increased fuel costs for drivers, the overall value of the vehicle is likely to depreciate.”

Health Impact

The US Environmental Agency (EPA) discovered that VW made cars; including Audis, were actually emitting up to 40 times more toxic chemicals than they were allowed to in the US.

Nitrous oxide (NOx) fumes cause inflammation of the airways and worsen breathing for everybody, particularly in urban environments. NOx emissions could also combine with other pollutants to cause even more severe respiratory problems, impair child lung development and even exacerbate heart conditions.

Some academics are now suggesting that the extra emissions may cause 200 deaths in the UK alone.

Making an Audi Emissions Compensation Claim

We already have arrangements in place with several leading law firms to help secure customers compensation as and when it becomes available. Fill in the form on our homepage to register and make sure we are able to handle your claim as soon as possible.