Am I eligible for Emissions Compensation?

If you believe your Audi has been affected you can make a claim for compensation just like a VW owner. To be eligible, your vehicle must have one of the affected engine types, an E189 diesel engine. These engines have the same defeat devices as VW vehicles, so your claim is just as valid.

So we can make sure your vechile is one of those affected it is helpful if you check your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and submit it with your application details. That way we can check your eligiblity and let you know if your car is affected sooner.

By submitting you agree to be contacted ONLY for the purposes of making your claim

How to find your VIN number

All cars have a VIN number, and it is relatively straightforward to locate. There are usually 3 places where you can find your VIN:

Check car VIN

The VIN itself

The VIN number is unique to your car. A combination of 17 numbers and characters, careful to distinguish between 'o' and '0'.

Check E189 diesel

Find it on your car

You should be able to find the VIN at the bottom corner of your windscreen.

E189 diesel

On your vehicle documents

You can similarly find the VIN in your Audi service booklet.