VW working on ‘attractive package’ to compensate customers for drop in resale value

Speaking in Wolfsburg on Thursday, Chief Executive Matthias Mueller announced that UK owners affected by the VW Emissions Scandal will receive an ‘attractive’ compensation package. The news comes after more talks about the effects the scandal will have on the resale value and functioning of VW cars. Despite widespread opposition to the recall, Mueller announced that […]

VW Care Package Goes missing in UK

This week, Volkswagen announced it will offer affected US customers a pre-paid cash card and dealership credit to all customers in possession of one of the 482,000 affected US vehicles. This settlement has not been ordained by a judge or a court, but is entirely voluntary on VW’s behalf. Volkswagen are calling this a ‘gesture […]

VW in more hot water as their Petrol CO2 emissions are called into question

An internal investigation by Volkswagen has uncovered further irregularities concerning fuel consumption and CO2 in some of their vehicles. These irregularities primarily concern diesel VW models, but – unlike with the NOx emissions cheating – also apply to certain petrol models. Similarly to the Diesel emissions scandal, it is believed several of VW’s brands are […]

VW Emissions might only be the start

In new tests, recent diesel vehicles produced by Nissan, Renault, Citroen, Fiat, Volvo and Hyundai (and more!) have performed dramatically worse in emissions testing than official figures suggested, according to new research. Adac, like the AA but German, have released the findings of their latest research that suggest some diesel vehicles, including those produced by the major […]