The fight for compensation: British Audi owners struggle with excessive oil consumption

Audi Emissions Compensation

Amidst the current VW emissions scandal, another battle ensues for Audi owners. There have been increasing reports of excessive oil consumption for Audi models, with some customers having to top up 1 litre of oil every 400-500 miles.

This issue has been on-going in America and customers have seen a relatively positive response, with many receiving compensation as well as free repairs.

However, the situation in Britain is very different. With reports of the same issue occurring in the UK for years, Audi admits there are problems with the 2-litre engines built between 2009 and 2011. Still, British owners are facing this battle alone and have received little response to what is an expensive and unacceptable problem.

Despite the thousands of cars affected in the UK, Audi have only committed to resolving the problem on a case-by-case basis. Owners who are concerned about their vehicle’s oil consumption must take it to a dealer for test before Audi will offer compensation or any resolution.

Inadequate response

Audi released a statement on the issues noting that “Audi UK is offering a comprehensive resolution for cases emerging outside our UK-specific three-year warranty period,” the company says. “Every case is assessed individually, but in instances where the vehicle in question has been serviced and maintained in accordance with our owner’s handbook the necessary remedial work will be carried out at no cost to the customer.”

However, this response, whilst not fully acceptable, has also not been implemented. Examples of varying responses to customers with affected Audi’s have now set inconsistent precedents for others. As it stands, customers may be required to pay for repairs if there car is out of warranty.  Other customers, with cars that lack a full service history or high mileage have reported having their model fixed free of charge, but US style compensation remains to be seen.

Audi Emissions Compensation

UK owners taking measures into their own hands

US-style justice?

Just this month, new class-action rules were introduced in Britain, meaning British customers can have access to the style of justice seen in the US. However, this is only for cases where companies are accused of being anti-competitive and does not apply for faulty products. This completely misses the point, since excessive oil consumption is, by default, a result of faulty manufacturing.

Since the issue lies with Audis poor manufacturing, we believe all customers should receive free repairs and compensation for the expenses involved. Audi must also refine their response to a more satisfactory and consistent one, before loyal customers are even more put off. This comes at a time when the very same customers affected by excessive oil consumption may also be affected by the ‘defeat devices’ of the emissions scandal – a dismal situation for Audi.

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