VW Care Package Goes missing in UK

VW Care Package

This week, Volkswagen announced it will offer affected US customers a pre-paid cash card and dealership credit to all customers in possession of one of the 482,000 affected US vehicles. This settlement has not been ordained by a judge or a court, but is entirely voluntary on VW’s behalf. Volkswagen are calling this a ‘gesture of goodwill’, with others describing it as a ‘VW Care Package’.

The total value of the care package is $1,000 (£657.60 as on 12/11/15), and will cost VW a total of around $500 million. That is if there is a 100% uptake on the offer by customers, and considering it will not preclude them for claiming compensation further down the road, it is hard to see why many would turn it down.

It is expected that owners of one of the extra 10,000 cars that it has recently been revealed may also be affected will also be eligible for the care package.

This news has angered many European VW-owners who feel they are feel they are being treated as a lower priority to their US counterparts. We have received several emails from people seeking clarification on this issue, and rest assured we are just as concerned as you about yet another injustice against UK VW/Audi owners. It seems especially unfair as the UK has more than double as many affected vehicles as the US does.

VW in the US has also announced $2,000 in credit for affected customers to put towards a new VW vehicle, and on this front too the UK offering is unclear at this point. Clearly VW is very concerned about maintaining its reputation in the US auto market but is seems they are taking for granted European customer’s loyalties.

It looks like UK VW/Audi Customers may have to rely on the courts to force Volkwagen to do the right thing closer to home.

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