VW Emissions Scandal gets the DiCaprio treatment

Leonardo DiCaprio VW Emissions

King of the Silver Screen, Leonardo DiCaprio, is set to make a film documenting the VW emissions scandal.  Apparently Leo has bought the movie-rights to a book about the scandal. The book, by Jack Ewing, is set to be released soon and will focus on the corporate culture of greed and short-sightedness that led to the whole debacle.

DiCaprio is particularly well know for his championing of environmental causes, and has obviously felt sufficiently angry about VW’s behaviour to want to wade in on the affair. Leo’s native America has seen in excess of 500,000 vehicles affected, and Leo looks set to heighten awareness of the emissions scandal still further, with a focus on the environmental impact of the scandal. If you want to find out more about the environmental implications of the scandal, you can read more about it here.

It is not clear yet whether Leo himself will feature in the film, but with his clear passion for these causes, we think it is more than possible. Leo also plans to raise further awareness on environmental causes, by agreeing to produce an environmentally-focused series on the internet streaming platform Netflix.

Whether or not Leo has an Audi compensation claim we don’t know, but he is clearly as unhappy with VW as we are.



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