VW makes contact with affected UK customers

VW Emissions Letter

Many VW customers in the UK have begun receiving official letters from Volkswagen informing them that there vehicles are affected by the diesel emissions scandal.

It is believed over a million VW-produced vehicles are affected by the emissions scandal in the UK alone, so if you own a diesel Audi, VW, Skoda or SEAT made in the last few years, there is every chance you may be hearing a letter from VW drop on the doormat any day now.

If you receive a letter it means that your vehicle does indeed have the cheat software installed.

VW intends to remedy all vehicles caught up in the scandal for free, with recalls starting in January next year. However, the letters do not clarify exactly when customer’s vehicles will be fixed.

VW Paul Willis Hearing

Paul Willis, the managing director of VW Group UK, answers questions.

On Monday, Paul Willis, VW’s UK MD apologised,

[We apologise] sincerely and unreservedly…[VW] mishandled the situation

In a hearing on in front of MPs, he claimed 400,000 would need fixes to their fuel-injection systems, in addition to software changes.

The letters sent out are signed off by Alex Smith, VW Company Director, and tries to alleviate the fears of many customers claiming there is no need for immediate action, as the cars are perfectly safe to drive.

We would challenge Mr Smith that the cars might be quite safe for drivers, but are they safe for our communities; children and the elderly?

Let’s not forget that the affected cars have produced almost an extra 1m tonnes of extra pollution. The extra toxic NOx gases have almost certainly contributed to premature deaths globally. It is not just the mechanical issues that need fixing.

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