VW working on ‘attractive package’ to compensate customers for drop in resale value

VW Emissions Matthias Mueller

Speaking in Wolfsburg on Thursday, Chief Executive Matthias Mueller announced that UK owners affected by the VW Emissions Scandal will receive an ‘attractive’ compensation package. The news comes after more talks about the effects the scandal will have on the resale value and functioning of VW cars.

Despite¬†widespread opposition to the recall, Mueller announced that the actions taken on VW models, including Audi, Seat and Skoda, will have a ‘negligible effect’. The effect on emissions, function and performance is said to be so little that drivers ‘won’t be able to feel it’.


Speaking at yesterday’s press conference in Wolfsburg, Mueller claimed: ‘we are working on an attractive package, let’s call it compensation, for reduction in residual value of our cars’.

A time scale for this compensation package is not yet known and whether Mueller is referring to monetary compensation or VW incentives, remains to be seen.


Meanwhile, investigations are in progress as to where responsibility lies for the Emissions Scandal. 400 employees are said to have had devices confiscated in a bid to preserve vital information, some of which could be used to further understand the scandal.

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